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The cultural office of the Consulate general of France in Toronto is in charge of developing cultural, artistic and educational relations between France and the two provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, under the general supervision of the cultural department of the Embassy of France in Canada, based in Ottawa.

This mandate is being implemented in close collaboration with local Canadian institutions, be it universities, museums/galleries, festivals, companies, publishers, schools, etc.

The cultural office supports Canadian partners through advice and expertise, facilitating contacts with French institutions, follow-up of specific projects, as well as financial support.

Learn more about the French cultural action in Canada at
www.francecanadaculture.org, the unique web portal of the French Cultural Services in Canada.

Cultural cooperation

In the cultural and artistic field (cinema, books, visual arts, architecture, design, performing arts), the cultural office aims at promoting and presenting contemporary creation from France, towards anglophones as well as francophones.

For the jurisdiction of the Consulate in Toronto, three thematic sectors receive increased attention: cinema and new media, books and debates, visual arts.

The audiovisual cooperation, which includes film, television programmes and interactive digital contents, has three main priorities:

- promoting French production by helping programmers to screen heritage and recent films, as well as local distributors to release French titles;
- encouraging exchanges between Canadian and French professionals;
- following significant developments in the audiovisual industry, through a regular monitoring.

The work of the cultural office regarding books and debates is two-fold:

- promoting contemporary French literature and making it available to Canadian readers by helping and supporting Canadian publishers in the translation of French books into English, through different grant programs (Translation Grant and Acquisition of Rights Grant) ;
- inviting French authors, thinkers and scholars in humanities and social sciences for discussions with the general public and professional meetings to facilitate exchanges of expertise and good practices.

In the artistic field (visual arts, architecture, design, theatre, dance, music…), the cultural office works in several directions:

- facilitating contacts between French and Canadian professionals, to foster cooperation;
- supporting Canadian partners for projects showcasing contemporary French creation (exhibitions, performances, concerts…);
- inviting professionals for lectures in universities, museums or galleries.

For projects showcasing contemporary French creation, financial support can be granted through the Institut français (formerly Culturesfrance): applications should be submitted in the fall on the IF Prog website. Canadian institutions willing to submit an application in this framework are requested tocontact the Cultural Attaché in advance.

Higher Education cooperation

Another mandate of the cultural office is to help Canadian students wishing to study in France and to promote French higher education, in coordination with the government agency Campus France.
This action fosters the development of partnerships between French and Canadian higher education institutions to facilitate student exchanges between the two countries.

French language and Education

In the education and French language field, the cultural office contributes to the federal action of the education attaché at the Embassy of France in Ottawa regarding cooperation on education expertise, evaluation and certification diplomas for the French language.

In these sectors, the cultural office works closely with the following institutions, supported by the French government and which also help promote French language and culture in Ontario and Manitoba:

- two schools offering the French national curriculum, and certified by the French Ministry for Education : the Lycée français de Toronto and the Toronto French School, certified up until grade 9 (“3e”). This certification guarantees that these schools prepare their students for the French examinations in similar conditions as public system schools in France. The full list of French schools in Canada is available on the Embassy’s website
- the Alliance française de Toronto (http://www.alliance-francaise.ca/) and the Alliance française du Manitoba (http://afwpg.ca/fr), which are part of the network of Alliances françaises in Canada.

Scientific service

The scientific service ensures information and communication between France and the center area of Canada (Ontario, Manitoba) in Science and Technology.
The scientific officer of the French Consulate initiates and develops the scientific projects between France and Canada:

  • Programming missions of researchers in France and in Canada,
  • Common Research,


Science news : https://ca.ambafrance.org/-News-

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