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Business France is the national agency dedicated to the internationalization of France’s economy. It is responsible for the international development of companies and their exports, in addition to market research and support for international investments in France.


It promotes the economic image of France, its companies, and its territories.

Business France was created on January 1st, 2015, through the fusion of UBIFRANCE and AFII (the Invest in France Agency [Agence française pour les investissements internationaux]).

Business France is active from coast to coast, with offices in Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver. These Canadian branches are part of the regional network of Business France North America, which has a total of ten offices and satellite locations in the region.

The Business France Canada team combines skills and experience in order to facilitate commercial relations between French and North American companies with a focus on two particular missions: facilitating the investments of Canadian companies in France and supporting French companies as they develop their projects in Canada.

INVEST: Business France Canada helps Canadian companies with market research and investment projects in the French market. The team supports investors throughout the entire process, providing customized service in order to develop a project that is adapted to their goals. Different services are provided free of charge and in total confidentiality.

  • INFORM : provide companies with all necessary information about business opportunities;
  • ADVISE: present the best offer with the French host territories;
  • SUPPORT DECISION-MAKERS: facilitate official and technical contact;
  • MOBILIZE PUBLIC AID: help with the organization of financial aid for projects.

EXPORT: Business France Canada supports French companies with their development projects on the Canadian market, both for exports and the establishment of local facilities.

o Sectors of activity and growth projects:

  • AGROTECH: Agrotech products and Technology;
  • ART DE VIVRE & HEALTH: Fashion, Home Decor, Health
  • INDUSTRIES & CLEANTECH: Infrastructure, Transportation, Industry, Energy, and the Environment
  • TECH & SERVICES: New technology, Innovation, Services

o Four ranges of products correspond to the different stages of progression of companies on the market:

  • ADVICE: informing partners about opportunities and market access in North America;
  • CONTACTS: organizing contacts with the right partners;
  • COMMUNICATION: improving the visibility of the company and of its products;
  • LIFE: a formula for the development of your export team in North America.
Business France Canada
Business France
1501 McGill Collège, Bureau 1120 Montréal, QC H3A 3M8 Tél : +1 514 670-4000 Fax : +1 514 670-4001
Business France French Trade Commission
154, University Avenue, Suite 400 Toronto, ON M5H 3Y9 Tél: +1 416 977-1257 Fax: +1 416 977-7944
Business France French Trade Commission
1111 Melville Street, Suite 320 Vancouver, BC V6E 3V6 Tél : +1 604 639-0920 Fax : +1 416 977-7944

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