Living in France [fr]

Each year, France receives over 100,000 foreign nationals of third countries of the European Union from all over the world who wish to settle permanently in France.
France is a nation with thousands of years of history and a highly rich culture. France is synonymous with fundamental values to which the French are very attached.

Values exist in all countries and enable people to live together as a society: some are universal, common to all human beings, others are specific to the culture of a country and are the result of a nation’s shared history. It is all the more important that people of different origins abide by these values so that they unite around shared rules.
These values are present in the motto of the French Republic: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

They also include secularism. They correspond to the principles that inform the laws which all individuals must abide by, including French citizens as well as any person living in or visiting France. The laws are adopted by the democratic institutions that are elected by the people.

These institutions organise the relationship between the citizens and day-to-day life on the basis of these values and principles.

These are not simply abstract concepts: these values have concrete effects on day-to-day life by means of the rights and obligations of citizens and residents.
France places great importance on the quality of the welcome given to foreigners who want to settle permanently in its territory. This is why a personalised Republican integration process was designed. It enables everyone to incorporate in their own lives the rights and obligations that apply to everyone in France.

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Living in France
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Last modified on 23/05/2017

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