"One Planet Summit" [fr]

On 12 December 2017, France will host an international climate summit in Paris. Two years to the day after the adoption of the Paris Agreement and a few months after the launch of the Global Pact for the Environment at French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative, the “One Planet Summit” is the continuum of France’s commitment to respond to the ecological emergency.

Co-organized with the United Nations and the World Bank, this summit aims at bringing new tangible responses to the mobilization of the finance sector to fight against climate change. More than 2,000 participants will attend this summit, which will bring together state and non-state actors: the United Nations Secretary-General, the World Bank President, more than 50 heads of State and government, representatives of the private sector, international organizations, local authorities and civil society.

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how to strengthen public and private funding while being encouraged to better take into account climate risks in their long-term action. It also aims at increasing local and regional action in favor of climate and at strengthening the role of local authorities in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Concrete announces and projects with detailed financial commitments will be made at this summit.

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