WINTERCITY FESTIVAL : Street Show by the French Company Carabosse


«Installation de feu» :

Street Show by the French Company Carabosse


Now in its fifth year, the award-winning WinterCity festival offers a 14-days, city-wide celebration of Toronto’s incomparable diversity of spirit bursting with delicious culinary experiences, a hot blaze of unique free entertainment and a showcase of our vibrant arts scene. For two weeks the spotlight is focused on Toronto’s incredible wealth of creative and talented performers, this city’s diverse hospitality industry and fantastic world-class attractions.

Created in 1988, the Company Carabosse (an artistic collective of 12 people) undertakes a work of collective creation around the flame. The step consists of the poetic transformation of public spaces while playing with architecture, the scales, the prospects, sonorities, the routes. Fire in various forms, staged on various rubiginous metal inventions. From Moscow to Villeurbanne, from the Malian Desert to Rochefort, from Tirana, Antwerp or Australia, each project is single and results from the "reading" of a site with its human, architectural, sociological and environmental components.

Beyond its technical and plastic qualities, an "Installation of Fire", it is a meeting of people, the discovery of a place.

There exists all kinds of places; some are magic without us, others will become. One tries not to waste the first, to upset the second. Others disappear in smoke before one arrives, but it is much rare. Meeting people is what makes us advance even. Already we can show our work and it is very pleasant. And then one passes by 3, 4, 9, 12... days, on the spot, that creates bonds of vicinity, curiosity, discussions. The levels of exchanges are varied, but all are marked by sincerity. The evenings of lighting are a discovery for the one-night visitors, an epiphany for the locals... The eyes sparkle, the questions fuse, the spirits open, let enter the images, the emotions, and leave the feelings, poetry, the unvoiced comments.

It was necessary to brew ideas, desires, flowers pots, papers, madnesses, reticents, pencils, challenges, keyboards of computer with keys way to small, meetings, kilometers... of cables sometimes, so that these pictures can exist and, before them, the so peculiar atmospheres of the "Installations of Fire".

Each "installation of fire" is the fruit of a specific writing. An original artistic proposal.

Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall Shows on January 25-26 and February 1-2, 2008 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm {{}} {{}}


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