Eh!U Film Festival opening ceremony

Sizzling Celebrations at Beverley Halls

On Sunday November 16, 2008, over 300 VIP guests were treated to a friendly reception hosted by the Consulate General of France in Toronto at Beverley Halls. The event was co-sponsored by Dale & Lessman and Gamelle Restaurant to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of Eh!U Meet the Europeans – Toronto’s 4th annual European film festival. A live jazz band featuring some of Humber’s best music students provided a classy atmosphere.

Dignitaries included the Consul general of France Mr. Jérôme Cauchard whose country is currently in charge of the presidency of the European Union, Toronto-based Consuls of European Union Member States, representatives of Canadian and European media and leaders of the local community. Sponsors, volunteers and the Eh!U Meet the Europeans Festival Team cheered as the Magna Audience Award for the festival was unveiled by Drazen Miletic, the Austrian Vice Consul and Deputy Trade Commissioner for Canada.

The competition to win this award will not doubt be fierce given the impressive line-up presented at the European film festival this year. The opening film was no less than the Cannes Film Festival 2008 Golden Palm itself, The Class (Entre les murs), which over 480 lucky viewers enjoyed for free… while about a hundred movie-goers could not get in a packed Isabel Bader Theatre! Fear not, if you did not get in: the Laurent Cantet movie will officially be released in Canada in January 2009.

Eh!U Meet the Europeans runs until November 30, 2008. There is still an amazing line-up to chose from and all screening are free. For details please visit

Corinne Cécilia

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Speech by the Consul General
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Andrzej Krężel, Consul of Poland and Joël Savary, Cultural Attaché of the Consulate General of France

The Consul General of France Jérôme Cauchard and the Consul General of Poland Marek Ciesielczuk

The Austrian Vice Consul and Deputy Trade Commissioner for Canada Drazen Miletic, Mike Miranda et Martina Haidenthaler presenting the Magna Audience award

Pervenche Beurier, Cinema Officer at the Consulate General of France et Mr. Drazen Miletic

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