René de Ceccatty in Toronto

The Japan Fondation in Toronto and the Consulate General of France in Toronto are
pleased to present :


Writer and aclaimed expert on Italian
and Japanese literature

Intimate Time and Daily Time, Realism and Fantasizing

Drawing on the works of some Japanese authors and his own experience, René de Ceccatty will try to think about the links and the contrasts between the intimate perception of time and narration. Does the description of dreams, based on the imaginary of several authors, influence fictional narration? Is it a counterpoint to realism or does it found realism? He will read in particular extracts of two books by Yûko Tsushima (Ô vent,ô vent qui parcours le ciel and Album de rêves) and of one book by Kunio Ogawa (Le rivage d’une tentation). He will set them against some books from Kenzaburô Oé (M/T et l’histoire des merveilles de la forêt) and Natsumé Sôseki (Oreiller d’herbes), but also against some of his own fictional writings (La sentinelle du rêve, Une fin, L’hôte invisible). How are art, dreams and products of the imagination used as a basis for realistic accounts?


René de Ceccatty was born in Tunis in 1952. He has written about thirty novels, essays and biographies. He collaborates with Le Monde des livres, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the French publisher Le Seuil, where he leads the collection « Réflexion ». He has translated several contemporary Italian authors, including Moravia, Pasolini, and Saba. In collaboration with Ryôji Nakamura, he has translated classical and modern Japanese authors such as Oé, Abe, Mishima, Tanizaki, Tsushima, Sôseki and Ogawa. He has also written works for the theatre.

When: Thursday, Feb. 26, at 7:00 PM
Where: Japan Fondation of Toronto
Toronto Event Hall
131 Bloor St. W., Ste. 213
Language: English
Free admission

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