May 2009 : Sally & Gérard [fr]

Sally & Gérard


He is French, she is Canadian and their story, as so many mixed couples, is an anthem to love. Gérard is from Burgundy, a lovely region admired and cherished for the richness of its soils and of what gushes out of it. Deeply attached to his land, he decided, at the end of his studies, to discover new horizons. « Like many French people, I always dreamt of the huge Canadian spaces », he remembers. Therefore, he arrived in Toronto, where he taught French at the Toronto French School. One night, during an evening class, he met Sally, Torontonian student, keen of French. The Molière language was not their only common passion. They both learned to relish wine, Sally with her father, president of the wine committee of the University Club of Toronto, and Gérard thanks to his backgrounds. But during more than a quarter of a century, they did not have a lot of opportunity to make a toast. Gérard went back to Europe for his work and he did not return for Canada until 1995 : but this time for good !

Reunions took place in Toronto. Sally had not left the city of their first love and had found a work in human relations on behalf of the University of Toronto. She retired in 2004. And decided, with Gérard, to settle in Muskoka, in the north of Ontario. « It is a beautiful area, that is being shared by lakes, rocks, everglades and unfortunately beavers », they confessed ironically. Even though their passion for wine never left them, the contact with nature reminded them the importance and the pleasure of the good things. The idea to import some French wine started to form in her mind and she immediately worked through the bills regarding the importation of wine in Ontario. The steps were long and exhausting but she succeeded to get the status of LCBO authorised dealer in 2007.

Sally, who is now enjoying the French nationality, did not just want to import wine, she wanted to offer to her friends and compatriots some flavours and scents they will never had the opportunity to enjoy here in Canada. She was entirely aware of the uniqueness and richness of the wines she discovered in Burgundy, with Gérard, during their numerous trips to France, and that is exactly what she wanted to share with the people. Nothing else ! Her five French suppliers, of which she has got the exclusive rights in Ontario, are people of choice and tradition, that have been working on the same little spaces for generations. Sally is really grateful to them ! She explains all that to perfection and unveils sometimes all the secrets to the people who get tempted by a private tasting in their place.

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