November 2009 : Sebastien Roche [fr]

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At an early age Sebastien Roche knew that his life would be tuned to the rhythm of drums and cymbals: he swore he would not give up his passion when he was just 19 year old. From then on, his drum kit would be his companion in misfortune.

In Grenoble, Sebastien spent 5 years rehearsing, practicing and improving his skills. He took lessons with Eric Thievon, a French drummer famous for his teachings. The two musicians got along very well. Eric had been in the music industry for years, so he was able to help Sebastien get a foot in the door. The drummer however soon realized that, in this competitive business, to have talent and passion was not enough.

Sebastien decided to diversify and develop new skills: filming. Eric gave him his first opportunity to make his début video project. After that, things started moving faster and faster. Having spent 5 years playing music, Sebastien had a certain advantage in bringing sounds and rhythms to life on screen.

From then on, Sebastien got many assignments to create DVDs, music videos and drumming instruction videos. He spent more and more time behind the camera, which led him to work on bigger projects in Paris.

In spite of his motivation and talent, his time in Paris was quite challenging. Sebastien was still motivated though, and his desire to travel and learn a new language got stronger. He was also dreaming of Canada and, one thing leading to another, Sebastien soon left the French capital.

Last summer he landed in Montreal with a camera, a microphone and an overwhelming desire to show what he was able to do. Since then, he has worked a lot: a feature length film in Montreal, media coverage of cultural events in Toronto, making of a DVD for the Toronto painter Deb Wiles, music video for the musical creations of Franck Marco and so on.

Sebastien is currently working on the video coverage of “Eh!U Meet the Europeans”, the European Film Festival in Toronto that’s celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2009. More than 26 feature length films will be screened in Toronto from November 19th to December 3rd, 2009. All films are subtitled in English. Admission is free, donations are welcome. This edition showcases a broad selection of great European Films, including the last masterpiece by Jacques Audiard, A Prophet , awarded the Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival 2009.

Cannes, cinema, Eh!U film festival… will they be new sources of inspiration for Sebastien?

To learn more about the 5th annual European Film Festival, please visit

A Prophet , directed by Jacques Audiard. Friday November 20, 2009 at 8.30pm at The Royal Cinema (608 College Street – Toronto)

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