Found in Translation Festival [fr]

Original and enlightening, Found in Translation highlights
authors whose works have originated in a language other than their
native tongue. Led by the Consulate General of France and Authors
at Harbourfront Centre, this year’s inaugural festival focuses on
French literature by contemporary authors from around the world.

Held over three days this June, English, French, Spanish and
Japanese language events will be held at the Alliance Française de
Toronto, Café Casablanca, Harbourfront Centre, Japan Foundation,
and Spanish Centre.

Participants :

- Laura Alcoba (Argentina/France)
- Kebir Mustapha Ammi (France/ Morocco)
- Ying Chen (Canada/China)
- Louis-Philippe Dalembert (France/Haiti)
- Andreï Makine (France/Russia) 
- Catherine Mavrikakis (Canada/USA)
- Tierno Monénembo (France/Guinea)
- Gilda Piersanti (France/Italy)
- Ryoko Sekiguchi (France/Japan)

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Found in Translation Program
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