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France and Canada are two important actors in the competitive field of international recruiting of the best students worldwide, particularly on the graduate level (Master’s, PhD). Within this context of competition between two important countries in the field of research, university cooperation between France and Canada must rely on structured, “win-win” partnerships.

What is a “cotutelle”?

A cotutelle is a PhD program offered jointly by two higher education institutions: one in Canada, the other one in France. It allows the students to get a double/joint PhD degree delivered and recognized by both the institutions. The students enrolled in a Cotutelle PhD program get an invaluable international research experience. Their research works are conducted both in Canada and France. Joint PhD programs are an extraordinary asset for the students and for the cooperation between Canadian and French institutions.

The assets of cotutelles:

  • Increased attractiveness of higher education and research institutions in the two countries;
  • Improved student experience on the university, scientific, cultural and personal level for the doctoral student;
  • Build closer connections between researchers, laboratories and institutions and strengthening of collaborations in the field of scientific research.
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Cotutelle at a glance
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Cotutelle (CampusFrance)
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Doctoral studies in France and cotutelles
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Cotutelle UOttawa
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Cotutelle UBC
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My experience as a cotutelle student
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Funding opportunities
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The Office for Science and Technology
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Seminars on cotutelles

A series of seminars on Joint PhD programs (cotutelle) has taken place in Toronto and Vancouver between November 30 and December 3, 2010. 15 French universities and post-secondary institutions have participated in the seminars to discuss with their Canadian partners the implementation of joint PhD programs.


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