Mia Hansen-Løve Retrospective – August 23- 25, 2012 [fr]

Parallel to the Summer in France programme, the TIFF Bell Lightbox, in partnership with the Consulate General of France in Toronto, presents the first complete retrospective of Mia Hansen-Løve’s films in North America August 23-25, 2012. The young French director who, in keeping with the tradition of other French directors like Rohmer, Bresson, Doillon and Truffaut, will personally present each of her films as well as one film selected as her Carte Blanche.
Retrospective Programming

Tout est pardonné
Thursday August 23, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Victor lives in Vienna with Annette and their young daughter, Pamela. It’s spring and Victor, who avoids working, spends his days, and sometimes his nights, outside. Deeply in love with him, Annette trusts him to get himself together as soon as they get back to Paris.

But in France, Victor picks up his bad habits again. After a violent argument, he moves in with a junkie with whom he’s fallen in love. Annette leaves Victor and disappears with Pamela.

Eleven years later, Pamela is seventeen years old. She lives in Paris, at her mother’s place. One day, she learns that her father is also living in the city. She decides to see him again.

The Father of My Children
Friday August 24, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Grégoire Canvel has everything going for him: a wife he loves, three delightful children, a job that excites him. He’s a film producer. Discovering filmmakers, accompanying films that correspond to his idea of cinema, open and free and close up to life. Grégoire finds total fulfillment in his work, to which he dedicates almost all his time and energy. His work is his reason for living. Hyperactive, he never stops, except for weekends, which he spends with his family in the countryside. These interludes are as precious as they are fragile. Grégoire’s confident charm has won him admirers everywhere, and he seems invincible. Yet, his prestigious production company, Moon Films, is unstable. Too many films produced, too many risks taken, too many debts. The dangers become clearer. But Grégoire continues to keep moving forward, no matter the cost. Just where will this headlong rush lead him? One day, he’s obliged to face up to reality. A word hovers: failure, and a deep lassitude that soon, secretly, turns into desperation.

Goodbye, First Love
Saturday August 25, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Paris, winter,1999. Fifteen-year-old Camille and 19-year-old Sullivan are passionately in love with each other. Sullivan, however, wants to go to South America for a year, and this prospect leaves Camille feeling desperate. Sullivan leaves at the end of summer and, after a few months, stops writing to Camille, who tries to kill herself in the spring.

2003. Camille focuses on her architecture studies. She meets a famous architect, Lorenz, who nutures her self-confidence. She falls in love with him.

2007. Camille and Lorenz are a stable couple. Camille is his assistant, but she soon feels capable of establishing her own agency. It is at this point that she once again crosses paths with Sullivan. Despite a cool first meeting, Camille sees him a second time and eventually gets back together with him. She has never stopped loving him; he becomes her lover. Her heart is now torn between two loves.

Mia Hansen-Løve’s Carte Blanche : Gérard Blain’s Un enfant dans la foule
Friday August 24, 2012 at 9:00 PM

In 1937, Paul (Jean-François Cimino) is 7 years old when his parents put him in a religious boarding school. To him, this separation signifies abandonment. His parents’ discord followed by their divorce makes him increasingly lonely. A little after the war is declared, his mother (Annie Kovacs) removes him from the school, and Paul tries, in vain, to overcome his mother’s frigid demeanor toward him. At the Liberation of Paris, Paul is 14 years old (César Chauveau), and despite his young age, he joins the volunteer relief forces but is too young to be fully accepted by his team. On his own again, he has multiple sexual encounters, frequenting American soldiers and adults who offer some semblance of a paternal presence as well as sensual affection, though these are always fleeting. All around him, people disappear from his life. The Americans leave to fight in Germany. His only friend who could have filled the void in Paul’s life eventually abandons him too. And, when we leave him at the end of the film, Paul is growing up too quickly and knows he can only depend on himself.

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