Café scientifique - Octobre 1st 2014 [fr]

For the next Café scientifique event organized by the Consulate General of France in partnership with the Alliance française de Toronto, Dr. Serge Plattard will give a presentation in English on the topic of “Space-Earth: A New Ecosystem”. Join us on Wednesday, October 1, at 6:30 PM at the Alliance française de Toronto.

Space-based applications have become banal to our everyday life, intimately weaved into the society fabric, involving a wide range of activities, from economics and finance, to culture and leisure, going through trade, transports, defense & security, science, medicine, environment…

Initially technology-driven, the space technical-economic issues have become increasingly cost-driven. Applications rely on the basic missions of Earth satellites: Observation, communications & broadcasting, positioning, navigation & timing. Not forgetting the dynamism of space exploration, a challenge of a different nature concerning all of us too. The presentation will review the role of a variety of actors and users, parties to an ecosystem of a new kind.

Last modified on 30/09/2014

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