Toronto by its Insiders at Alliance française Toronto [fr]


As part of "Ciné-jeudi", Alliance française Toronto presents Toronto by its Insiders by Joanne BELLUCO.

David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan are Canadian filmmakers who have fed the fantasy lives of millions of spectators worldwide with their diverse cinematic creations. These filmmakers and others are representatives of the city of Toronto, Ontario.

Dubbed “Hollywood North,” Toronto has become a convenient backdrop for American films, and home to one of the film industry’s most important international film festivals and markets. But with the sheer number of films and created and sold here, and the strength of the talent it has spawned, it has remained surprisingly invisible as a film city.

Toronto by its Insiders journeys into the heart of Toronto, between the “dreamt” city of its filmmakers and the urban reality they inhabit, one as surprising as their filmic imaginings. We wander in this ever-transforming place led by the directors and examples of their work, exploring the singularities of their vision, their similarities and differences and whether they have a connection to each other or the city they have created in.

The film will be screened Thursday, November 6 at 7:00PM in the theatre of Alliance française Toronto (24 Spadina Road) in English with French subtitles and will be introduced by the director who will participate in a bilingual Q&A.

Last modified on 11/12/2017

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