#GoûtdeFrance, #GoodFrance press release [fr]

On Thursday, March 19th, 2015, more than 1500 restaurants around the world will come together to celebrate French cuisine. More than 1500 menus will be offered in restaurants and embassies in 150 countries and five continents, offering the general public an opportunity to enjoy a dining experience à la française.


At each participating establishment, the event will pay tribute to a type of cuisine that is not only vibrant, open, and innovative, but also one that stays true to its values: the importance of sharing, enjoyment, eating well, and respecting the planet. French cuisine is accessible to everyone, from bistro-style cuisine to its signature tables d’exception. It is made from fresh, in-season ingredients, with very little fat, sugar, or salt.

In Canada, 18 restaurants in three provinces are participating in this brand-new event:

Calgary, Alberta:

- Chef’s Table, chef Michel Nop, tel: (403) 228-4442

La Malbaie, Québec:

- Fairmont Le Manoir, chef Patrick Turcot, tel: (418) 665-8946

Montréal, Québec:

- Europea, Montréal, chef Jérôme Ferrer, tel: (514) 397-9161
- La Guilde Culinaire, chef Jonathan Garnier, tel: (514) 750-6050
- La Palette Gourmande, chef Alain Pignard, tel: (514) 750 1492
- Laurie Raphaël, Montréal, chef Daniel Vézina, tel: (514) 985-6072
- Les Coudes sur la Table, chef Cédric Deslandes, tel: (514) 521-0036
- Les Incorruptibles, chef Dominic Aubin, tel: (514) 381-8088
- Renoir, chef Olivier Perret, tel: (514) 788-3038

Québec City, Québec:

- Fairmont Le Château Frontenac: Le Champlain, chefs Baptiste Peupion and Stéphane Modat, tel: (418) 691-2139
- Laurie Raphaël, chef Daniel Vézina, tel: (418) 692-4555
- Le Continental, chef Christophe Secher, tel: (418) 694-9995
- Le 47ème Parallèle, chef Joseph Sarrazin, tel: (418) 692-4747
- La Fenouillère, chef Yvon Godbout, tel: (418) 653-3886
- Le Saint-Amour, chef Jean-Luc Boulay, tel: (418) 694-0667
- Panache, chef Louis Pacquelin, tel: (418) 692-2211
- Toast!, chef Christian Lemelin, tel: (418) 841-1787

Vancouver, British Columbia:

- Le Crocodile, chef Michel Jacob, tel: (604) 760-9367

All of the restaurateurs listed above are available to answer questions from journalists.

The Goût de / Good France initiative was organized by Alain Ducasse and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

For more information: www.goodfrance.com

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#GoodFrance Press Release
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