French Tech Ticket: the winners at the Elysee reception [fr]

Tracie Wagman et Anthula Nunes have been selected for the French Tech Ticket program. The two Toronto-based founders of the company Pin & Tucker will spend six months in Paris to develop their mobile application in a Parisian startups accelerator.

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Tracie Wagman et Anthula Nunes de Pin and Tucker et Emmanuel Macron, Ministre de l’Économie, de l’Industrie et du Numérique

What is the concept of your company?

Pin & Tucker is a mobile app that is a fashion-app. So the users take pictures and they solicit opinions from their friends on what they’re buying and then stores get into that conversation and help close the sale while the user is shopping in the store.

Why are you going to Paris and what do you expect there?

Well, we work with a lot of fashion brands and retailers in Paris. They are very open and interested in helping to add digital into the shopping experience for their stores. So we had a lot of success talking with stores in Paris already.

How did you hear about the French Tech Ticket Program?

One of our friend uses the participating accelerator in aerospace, so not to do with us but he’s one of the people participating, so he said us that we should apply for it, it would be great for your company.

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Last modified on 06/05/2016

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