Vigil after the attack in Nice [fr]

French nationals living in Toronto and Canadians gathered on Friday, July 15 at Nathan Philips Square to pay a tribute to the victims of the attack in Nice. Here is the speech delivered by the Consul General of France in Toronto Marc Trouyet.

Mes chers compatriotes,
Dear Torontonians, dear Canadians

C’est une tragédie totale, encore une, qui frappe notre pays et, bien au-delà, tous les pays qui partagent ces même valeurs de liberté et de tolérance ; tous les pays qui luttent avec nous contre le terrorisme. Il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire ce que nous ressentons. Surtout, on ne s’habitue pas, jamais, à ce genre de terrorisme aveugle.


On January 7th, 2015, the freedom of expression was attacked. On November 13th, 2015, it was youth, our culture and our way of life. Yesterday, the targets were the families, as the Bastille Day fireworks is an event that is attended primarily by families. This was also an attack against one of France’s most iconic symbols, our National Day.


Those heinous terrorist attacks are targeting France but not only. Our friends from the US, Belgium, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq have also suffered from these cowards, meaningless and odious crimes.

France is on the front line in the fight against terrorism, on the front line to preserve security and democracy in the world. It is also, as a result, a target for Daech and the weaks that are perverted by its propaganda. Therefore, with our allies, France has taken up the mission of attacking terrorists where they are, mainly in Syria and Iraq. We know that in doing so, we are exposed; but France will not stand arms folded. This attack only bolsters our determination.

La France, comme les pays alliés, met tout en œuvre pour assurer la sécurité sur son territoire. Le Canada aussi. Il faut avoir confiance dans nos autorités et ne pas tomber dans l’hystérie, ne pas sombrer dans les clichés, ne pas alimenter les divisions. Il faut, dans ces circonstances, rester forts et solidaires et ne jamais baisser les bras dans la défense des valeurs communes que nous partageons en France, au Canada, et dans les pays démocratiques.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for being here with us today. I want to thanks all the elected persons for their kind words from yesterday, from Toronto (Mayor Tory, Concellors Matlow, Mihevc, Kelly), Mississauga (Mayor Crombie), Waterloo (Mayor Jaworsky), Hamilton (Mayor Eisenberg), Ontario (Premier Wynn, Ministers Hunter, Chan and Lalonde) and Manitoba (Premier Pallister and Mayor of Winnipeg Bowman) et aussi nos amis franco-ontariens (RDEE Ontario, Passerelles Idées, Club Canadien, Centre francophone, TFO). And the list goes on and on.

Et à vous mes chers compatriotes, je vous dis: face à l’adversité, à la barbarie, à l’horreur, nous restons fermes et résolus.

Vive la France !

Last modified on 16/08/2016

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