French Tech Ticket, 2017 Edition – 2 Ontario startups are moving to France! [fr]

Their founders and CEOs discuss the reasons for moving to our country


The French Tech Ticket is a one year program by the French government to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and help them set up and develop their startup in France. The second season of the program was launched in June 2016, and applications were closed on September 2016 on the programme’s website. Find out who the 70 selected startups are in the press kit. Two of these startups come from Ontario.

Proactive Fleet Management Solutions (Waterloo)

Co-founder Timothy Andrew Moyer LICHTI discusses the reasons that encouraged him to move to France and join the program.

• Founders : Timothy LICHTI (Canada), Komal ADLAKHA (Inde), Dax VYAS (India)
• Incubator in France : Le Connected Camp (French Tech Toulouse)
• Sector : IoT, Software
• Project description : the first fleet management software for professionals. Quickly understand the day’s driving activities. In one intuitive map, see locations, speeds, instances of hard braking, acceleration and idling.

Website :

UCONEKT INC. (Toronto)

Co-founder Vincent RAMOUTAR comments on his projects and ambitions in France et ses ambitions en France

• Founders: Stephen COUCHMAN (Canada), Vincent Rudranauth RAMOUTAR (Canada)
• Incubator in France: Fast Forward Normandie (Normandy French Tech)
• Sector: Biometrics, identity, security
• Project description: uBolt is an innovative and unique Personal IDentity wearable device which combines effective biometric identifications and modern multi-factor authentication with advanced endpoint security solutions to protect your personal IDentity and transactions from hacking and data breaches.


For more information on the program:

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