Flooding in Ontario [fr]

We advise to be very cautious and to follow the recommendations issued by Ontarian authorities

Please remain careful and look for updates on the Emergency Information website of the Government of Ontario.

Status on May 25:
Water levels and flows continue to decline, but the potential for localized flooding remains, especially in the Ottawa Valley, along the Ottawa River, central eastern Ontario, and the Lake Ontario Watershed.

Many of the affected municipalities have transitioned to the recovery phase and the PEOC has returned to Routine Monitoring. The PEOC and local field officers continue to be a point of contact for advice and assistance for affected municipalities and First Nations.

Over 400,000 sandbags were deployed to communities across southern Ontario to help with the impacts of flooding. Another approximately 200,000 sandbags were obtained through a request for assistance to the federal government.

Last modified on 02/06/2017

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