Durham veteran receives Legion of Honour in Uxbridge, ON [fr]

Mr. Roy Mesure was awarded during a ceremony in presence of students, elected officials and the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion

Roy Mesure first served in the Boys Service as a Sea Cadet where he trained in England. In 1946, he transferred to the Royal Navy where he served throughout the duration of the Second World War.

Roy Served on the HMS Brocklesby, a Hunt Class Escort Destroyer of the British Navy for his entire career mostly in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and North Seas. In 1944 Roy’s British flotilla joined an American one whose job was to assist in the preparations for the opening of a second front along the south of France by regaining control of the major southern ports.

At the end of the war, Roy’s destroyer sailed in the North Sea and in the Channel for escort and patrol against minelaying German E-Boats and submarines. He stayed in service until 1946.

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Last modified on 08/03/2018

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