Toronto’s Night of Ideas : to sleep or not to sleep? [fr]

On Thursday, January 25, from 7pm to 7am, the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Hart House, in partnership with the cultural service of the French Embassy in Canada, will host Night of Ideas, an all-night marathon of debates and artistic performances taking place simultaneously in more than 50 countries. Toronto’s Night of Ideas will bring together philosophers, writers, geographers, neuroscientists, dancers, music composers and historians from Canada, France and elsewhere, over the course of an entire night to discuss and question an issue close to our heart: sleep.


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2018 Toronto’s Night of Ideas - Press Release
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At the core of the UofT’s historical campus, Toronto’s Night of Ideas will tackle wide-ranging subjects such as: the neuroscience of sleep, the meanings of downtime, sleeplessness and its impact on health, the cultural importance of dreaming, and the politics of sleep. Night of Ideas will derive its originality from its diverse formats: writing and craft workshops, dance performances, interactive debates, urban walks and even muscial naps with lullabies.

Besides, Toronto’s Night of Ideas will coincide with the public opening of the Art Museum’s newest major exhibition: « Figures of Sleep ». With works by artists such as Sophie Calle, Chris Burden, Liz Magor, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the exhibition will consider the cultural anxieties around the collapsing biological function of sleep under economic, social and technological transformation. Night of Ideas will echo these questions and trigger new kinds of conversations with the art works presented.

Launched in London and Berlin in 2012 and 2014, Night of Ideas is a concept coined by the French Institute and the cultural services of the French Embassies. The latest “Night”, organized in January 2017, was its first simultaneous edition, presented in places of culture and knowledge in over 50 cities and countries around the world. They attracted more than 180,000 participants and 7 million followers. The Night of Ideas will premiere in Canada in January 2018 at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, in partnership with Hart House and the cultural service of the French Embassy in Canada. The complete program is to be announced in early January.

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