The French criminal record: "Extrait de casier judiciaire" [fr]

How to obtain your "bulletin n° 3" :

You should personally contact the French ministry of Justice, "Service du casier judiciaire", which is the only relevant authority. The "Bulletin n° 3" (French certificate of good conduct) is issued free of charge to the person concerned only.

You can apply :

- Online:

- By mail (Casier judiciaire national, 107 rue du Landreau, F-44317 NANTES CEDEX 3 FRANCE)
Please enclose a proof of identity (copy of your birth certificate, passport, etc.)

Application forms can be downloaded and printed from the website mentioned above. Below is an English translation.

PDF - 54 kb
French criminal record - English translation
(PDF - 54 kb)

If you were born outside of France, please attach a copy of proof of identity.

- By fax (if your request is urgent) : On 01133 251 89 89 18

For further information, please contact directly the Service du casier judiciaire national :

107 rue du Landreau
Tél. : 01133 251 89 89 51
Fax : 01133 251 89 89 18

Last modified on 18/01/2019

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